We are a leading polymer compound manufacturing company supplying specialty plastics.

A-tek Polymer is the leading player in the global arena of the high end specialty chemicals players. We are passionate about addressing customer requirements and offering eco-friendly and technologically superior products to our customers.

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We believe that these are five strong reasons to choose Atek Polymer:
  • 1. Technology: We have all latest manufacturing and product development tools available to meet your demands.100%
  • 2. Service: Our service support teams and technical materials specialists will work to meet the most demanding plastic compound specification.100%
  • 3. Quality: Our plastic compounds are developed, tested and refined to meet any environmental or working stress tolerance.100%
  • 4. Customer Service: At A-tek Polymer, we know that this is what it takes to deliver real customer service.100%
  • 5. Responsive: Our core difference is our willingness to respond positively, and to innovate, in order to meet your plastic compound needs.100%

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